Babyhit is the result born from the love and inspiration of our sweet child. As parents, we always try to give the best to our child.


We care about his well-being, take responsibility for his safety and want to see our little one rejoice every day, grow and flourish with a bright smile.


Our main goal is to offer high-quality children's goods at the most affordable prices all over Estonia. We strive to make your shopping experience pleasant and affordable.


At the same time, we understand that the market is constantly changing, and it may happen that you find products at even more attractive prices than those offered in our catalog. We are ready to meet you!


If you have an alternative offer at a cheaper price, please contact us. Our highly qualified sales specialist will prepare a personalized offer for you that will satisfy all your needs and allow you to purchase products for your little one at the most attractive price.


Babyhit creates an ideal environment where children can enjoy the best products and parents can enjoy the savings by choosing these products at the most affordable prices! We believe that every child deserves only the best, and we do everything we can to ensure that.